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Paying off a mortgage early may seem like a good idea, but sometimes it might. But whether or not paying off the mortgage makes financial sense depends on.

You make the call. Here's why you might want to pay off your mortgage early:. Finally, it can make more sense to keep your mortgage if you value liquidity. That is, if you. He wants to help you master your money – and your life. No scams. I am with the group who paid off the house.BEST decision.

 · Even if there’s not a lot of money left over, paying off your first mortgage means you won’t have to withdraw money to make mortgage payments during a market downturn, Giordano says.

If you pay $1,820 per month instead of $1,520, you pay almost $80,000 less in interest and pay off your loan in 21 years and six months. But, during that time, you’ve paid an extra $3,600 in mortgage payments each year. What if you instead invested $3,600 annually for 21 years,

In addition, by paying off a mortgage completely you lose the mortgage-interest tax deduction that reduces the cost of borrowing on a home even further. references (2) nasdaq: So You Paid Off Your.

If you’re paying a lot of interest, it may make sense to look into refinancing, Ma says. Put your loan in context. Ros of Lamia Financial Group, Inc. "If they plan to move in 5 or 10 years, why pay.

Pay Off Mortgage Early. There are situations when paying off your mortgage early instead of investing in a 401(k) makes financial sense. For instance, if you’re in a variable-rate mortgage and.

Choose the type of home mortgage loan that makes sense for you It may take a little time to understand all of your loan choices and figure out which one is the best fit for your situation. We’ll help you gain an understanding of the loans that are available and give you the knowledge to make decisions based on your best interests.

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