South Florida’s underwater homes are drying out

ATTOM Data Solutions has issued a report finding nearly 5.5 million homes in the "seriously underwater" category at the end of the first quarter. Millions of homes still ‘seriously underwater’

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Almost 90 percent of south Florida’s drinking water is supplied by porous limestone aquifers. As sea levels rise, the saltwater exerts more pressure on the fresh water in the aquifer, and fresh.

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South Florida Predicted to be Underwater in 2025. Florida in general is the most at risk since it is home to at least 40% of the people whose homes would be devastated by sea level rise. It also has the most cities that would be submerged by rising seas. New York, Louisiana, and California are also home to many at risk cities.

“Underwater HOA” depicts South Florida's vulnerability to those melting glaciers: The. range for the 6,000 houses in this upscale village south of downtown Miami.. as part of his involvement with the mcmurdo dry valleys LTER (Long Term.

The world is upside down again: Banks are walking away while homeowners are staying to fight for their neighborhoods. That’s what the team at Oppenheim Law realized after watching 60 Minutes’ latest piece on the foreclosure crisis. This time Scott Pelley focused on a neighborhood in Cleveland where officials has resorted to tearing down what were once perfectly good homes.

A ship in the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet that was wrecked along the Florida Keys. USS Patrol No. 1: 10 September 1919 A patrol vessel that was wrecked off Key West in the 1919 florida keys hurricane. Queen of Nassau: 2 July 1926 A patrol boat that flooded and sank off Florida. USS R-12: 12 June 1943 An R-class submarine that foundered south of.

An underwater marker in front of Cortada's studio helps predict how many. a recreation center a few blocks from his home in South Miami.. “The residents of Florida are at ground zero when it comes to sea-level rise,” he says.. of earth gathered by climate scientists nearby in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.

When it starts raining over south Florida, it rains everywhere including on our largest lake, Lake Okeechobee. This is the start of the most indirect way for water to flow into the Everglades. In Florida, water falls and collects in springs and lakes that start to flow into the Kissimmee River.