SIGTARP proves that some bankers aren’t too big to jail

The bank executive at the center of one of the largest bank failures in recent years will spend the next 8 years in prison for his part in a scheme that cost the American taxpayers more than $300.

BankThink SIGTARP Scrutiny Goes Beyond Tarp Matters. The charges stemming from SIGTARP’s investigation of Omni National Bank in Atlanta, Georgia demonstrate how a seemingly tenuous connection to the alleged criminal activity can land a bank’s highest executives in the midst of a criminal investigation.

 · Although Mr Diamond may say that slashing bonuses would harm the bank and its owners, he has some work to do to prove that paying those bonuses benefits anyone much but.

Some of the guilty people are brought justice such as a Dubai Court sentenced a Kazakhstani man to life in absentia for faking the identity of a Russian businessman to steal Dh13.5 million from his.

Williams added that SIGTARP’s work nonetheless sets "an important precedence that bad banker behavior will not be tolerated and [will be] aggressively prosecuted."-Noel Brinkerhoff . To Learn More: SIGTARP Proves That Some Bankers Aren’t Too Big to Jail (by Danielle Douglas, Washington Post)

“These aren’t our people,” the former McKinsey. as a cover for Bharara’s failure to punish bankers in the wake of the global financial crisis. “If going after the big banking executives was too.

So, I ask again: Who should go to jail? And the answer, as far as I can tell, is: no one – at least no one on Wall Street. That may turn out to be wrong. But even if there’s a bad penny or two in the.

Some surprises help people see that the status quo needs to. take such a limited view of their own self-interest that they’ll decide these efforts aren’t worth the cost. Or that even if everyone.

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SIGTARP October 2010 Quarterly Report to Congress October 27, 2010. In short, it is still far too early to write TARP’s obituary. At the same time, TARP’s two-year anniversary is a fitting time for an interim. While SIGTARP offers no opinion on the appropriateness or accuracy of the

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