curtain sulking: expedient brainwashes

Brainwash · True Maria, what a good feeling to have more friends from among our separated brothers and sisters in Christ especially if we could take our fellowship with them and have the chance to explain our veneration to Mary and the Saints citing those related bible passages as proof that we do not worship Many and that these prayers are divinely effective We ourselves should study these passages and.

 · Those who returned to their party were unsettled not only by the seeming permeance of Whig economic policies that they had accepted as a wartime expedient, but also by political corruption that seemed the natural byproduct of the GOP’s close relationship with industrialists and manufacturers who had prospered on government contracts under the Lincoln, Johnson and Grant administrations.

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They took out a full-page newspaper ad accusing second-grade teachers of brainwashing students. In the last story I finished, I used the expedient of sending my main character on a vacation where.

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POISONED NEEDLE, which has been the menacing road block standing m the way of progress in the healing field for these many years Vaccination and the false germ theory upon which it is hinged has led mankind far astray and has severed the fragile thread that offered medical theory and practice a hope of becoming a science.

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Um, Ah, Er, Uh . During an informal chit-chat with friends, an occasional um or ah is perfectly natural and offers the speaker a brief moment to formulate new thoughts. However, when frequently used, these crutch-mumbles make it difficult for the listener to retain the speaker’s point.