abandoned incendiaries: epistemology attributions

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Contemporary Epistemology II: Language UC Davis Philosophy 102 Theory of Knowledge. infallibility has been abandoned as a condition of knowledge because it is thought to lead to skepticism.. The upshot is that "knowledge attributions are not as robustly objective as ordinary claims about.

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 · On the theoretical side, our attributions are meant to indicate the quality of the subject’s information about the world. On the practical side, attributions of knowledge and ignorance are tied directly to action. On reflection, it seems that not many of our attributions of knowledge and ignorance are purely theoretical.

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But the public reception for the three books of his magisterial Treatise of Human Nature (1739) was less than cordial, and Hume abandoned his hopes of a philosophical career in order to support his family as a librarian, historian, diplomat, and political essayist, a course of action he described in the autobiographical My Own Life (1776).

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person attributions and denials, which DeRose has presented as the best evidence for contextualism.12 In order to account for the thirdperson cases, some invariantists have argued that some of our intuitions concern the warranted assertibility of knowledge attributions and denials rather than their truth, and they further argue that such

abandoned incendiaries: epistemology attributions Internalists in epistemology think that whether one possesses epistemic statuses such as knowledge or justification depends on factors that are internal to one; externalists think that whether one possesses these statuses can depend on.

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