30 Reasons Why 2011 Is Going To Be Another Crappy Year For America’s Middle Class

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Which of the following reasons explains why the middle class has a tremendous influence on our culture? A) The other classes simply defer to them because of their social confidence and power. B) They control the most wealth in the United States. C) They are the most cohesive and least ethnically varied of the four categories of the U.S. class.

7 Reasons the Middle Class Is in Serious Trouble. Another issue for middle-class families is that they’re getting too liberal when it comes to their usage of credit.. we’d have to go back to.

Why the American Middle Class Is Disappearing (and What It Will Mean for the Economy). That same $100 put in the hands of the wealthy will mostly go into the bank for savings.

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The middle-class paradox: Less than half of Americans say they’re middle class. has been seen in both the short-term and in the years going back before the financial crisis and the Great.

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The Middle Class is Shrinking: Why Does it Matter?. The real reason why the middle class seemingly gets such an out-sized share of attention may have to do with how it formed and what it means.

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The Middle Class Struggle Is Real — And increasingly hard people often say being the middle child is hard. Well, according to most Americans it also is getting more difficult to be in the middle.

If this is to be changed going forward, we will have to change some of the fundamental policies that have driven the stagnation over the last few years. Arguably, the key to why we have. term trend.